FSMRE | Community

Check below some of the things we provide.

Feature 01

Custom Roads

You can download amazing Roads for your GTA / FiveM client. This discord has exclusive roads that no others have!

Feature 02

Custom Fires

You can download amazing Custom Fire Colors, such as Red, Cyan, Grey/Black, and many more!

Feature 03

Animated Weapon Skins

Those old classic Weapon Skins, but upgraded, with custom animations and colours. We also have the option to download classic ones

Feature 04

Sound Packs

Yeah, listening to the same sounds becomes repetitive, and that tires, here you can download Custom Sounds that will help you get a better experience in-game!

Feature 05


Even if you mess up doing something, you can restore everything easily via downloading a file and copy pasting it!

Feature 06

And more!

If I were here saying everything we have on our Discord I would never end. Join and enjoy everything we have for FREE! You can always leave the server, but that would be sad 😢